The Dale Von Minaker Band – Romance


Review by Paul H Birch

As a cheeky guitar figure toys its way across a sultry blues doo-wop tune, impressions of young ladies waiting sweetly in line to be invited onto the dance floor become confused, then crushed, by lyrics that career between coyness, amusing indifference and stark realism. “This could be romance so I’ll try not to ruin it for you”, sings Von Minaker with a sense of ennui before the scrumptious steak chasseur of an extended saxophone solo wafts in then wails out loud from guest musician Alvin Davis.

It’s counterpointed lyrically by B-side/second song ‘Baffled and Blue’ as the band’s harmonised vocals ponder a relationship’s conclusion in an acoustic countrified mood with a touch of the New Orleans’ bayou about them by way of the keyboards affecting accordion sounds but it’s the subtle not sweet, but richly deep ‘Romance’ that should be getting national airplay.

Dale Von Minaker Band - Romance7.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Romance
  2. Baffled and Blue