The Cult @ Rock City, Nottingham – Monday 28th October 2013


Review by Lucy Thompson

Despite the highest point in their musical career being some twenty years in the past, hundreds of fans gathered at the iconic Rock City to watch rockers The Cult grace the stage once more to perform the legendary Electric album in its entirety.

The Cult
The Cult

Known for his attitude, looks and unique voice, Ian Astbury strolled onto the stage in a fur lined jacket, tambourine in hand and slicked back long hair before diving straight into ‘Wild Flower’. Astbury sways with the microphone whilst Billy Duffy continues to impress with his fast guitar riffs, bringing the classic album to life throughout the night. The sea of predominantly grey-haired men soon forms a mosh pit near the stage as The Cult battle through their 22-song set.

“How many of the young ones in here own the Electric album then?” asks the five-piece, to then be greeted with a huge cheer.

The long-awaited tracks such as ‘Spirit Walker’ and  ‘Rain’ had the audience eating out of the bands hands, but disappointingly Astbury’s vocals on ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ struggled to be heard, especially over Duffy’s insane guitar hooks (not a bad thing, I guess.) New songs were thrown into the mix which became a bit lost but the night was soon rekindled with the showstopper ‘Sun King’ bringing the night to a close.

Since forming in the eighties The Cult have gathered a substantial fanbase and have proven that they can still rock out over twenty years later.

Set List:
1. Wild Flower
2. Peace Dog
3. Lil’ Devil
4. Aphrodisiac Jacket
5. Electric Ocean
6. Bad Fun
7. King Contrary Man
8. Love Removal Machine
9. Zap City
10. Outlaw
11. Memphis Hip Shake
12. Rain
13. Honey From a Knife
14. Sweet Soul Sister
15. Lucifer
16. Embers (dedicated to Lou Reed)
17. The Phoenix,
18. Rise
19. She Sells Sanctuary

20. Horse Nation
21. Spiritwalker
22. Sun King