The Crawling return with sophomore album


Beware of Wolves…

Lisburn lions The Crawling are set to roar back into action later this year with the release of their sophomore album, titled Wolves and the Hideous White, writes Paul Castles.

The Northern Ireland trio consisting of Andy Clarke (guitar/vocals) Stuart Rainey (bass/backing vocals) and Gary Beattie (drums) have gone from strength to strength since forming in 2014.

Last year’s debut full length Anatomy Of Loss (Grindscene Records) was accompanied by five music videos and was not short of admirers.

Outside of their homeland, The Crawling have already chalked up plenty of notable festival appearances including Bloodstock and Incineration in the UK, along with Inferno (Norway), Metal Days (Slovenia), Shellshockfest (Malta) and Full Metal Mensa (Germany).

The doom/death trio, who inject plenty of melancholic melody into their heavyweight sound, have penned six new songs for their latest album.

Wolves and the Hideous White delves into the human psyche and desire to belong, the sacrifices made to be part of someone, disillusion from loss of self, and the final inability to escape.

  • Wolves and the Hideous White is released via Grindscene on 16 November.