The Crawling – Still No Sun


Northern Ireland’s doom/death trio THE CRAWLING have just released a video for their latest single ‘Still No Sun’.

The track is taken from the band’s sophomore album, Wolves and the Hideous White – an exploration of the human desire to belong.

Singer Andy Clarke commented: “The urge to belong can be overwhelming, and we often sacrifice parts of ourselves to be with others. ‘Still No Sun’ explores the failing of relations through the eyes of one who knows it should end, despite the desperate urge to remain.

“The unearthing feelings of loneliness, and haunting images of a life in solitude can be blinding when it comes to logical thought. I often wonder if it is genuinely possible to deceive yourself completely, or is there always a part that knows, and is the relief of separation worth it?”

The Crawling are playing at The Dev in Camden, north London on Friday October 25.