The Blacklist Saints – Self-Titled EP


Review by Brady Deeprose

Hard rock bands are a mixed bunch these days. True to form classic rock bands such as the Darkness are coming up against a new breed of Shinedowns and Halestorms. Somewhere in the middle is Birmingham’s The Blacklist Saints, a 4-piece with their feet in classic rock whist holding onto grunge and poking their noses into metal. Brainchild of vocalist Tommy Crisis, TBS have been ripping through the UK in tow of Ginger Wildheart who has described them as, and I quote, “Fucking awesome.” After listening to their EP, I can’t help but agree.

Three years in the coming, The ‘Saints’ self-titled EP leaves no prisoners. Think The Wildhearts but with a bit more anger and drive and you’re someway into describing how ‘Last Way Out’ kicks off the EP. What’s striking about the four tracks is that there aren’t really any fillers: Lyrically or musically. The riffs are like a fresh take on an old favourite with what could be described as slightly generic lyrics still pack a punch.

It’s not just brute force that is brought to the table with ‘Only When Angels Die’, an atmospheric ‘epic’ of a song with some carefully placed harmonies that just give it a little something special. These songs require a quality of recording above just a demo or mix tape, and that’s what they got with Arkham Studio’s Alex Cooper behind both the desk and drum kit for the EP. The result being an EP that not only sounds modern and clean, but also has an energy to it that a lot of rock bands seem to be lacking of late. The full live band, assembled in 2012, is completed by Matt Harper on drums, Luke Fury on guitar and Ian Savage on bass.

From their next release, it would be great to see them try some more risqué material, both musically and lyrically but to sum up, The Blacklist Saints EP is a promising start to what I can only hope is a long career. They’ve made their statement of intent, let’s see what happens now!

The Blacklist Saints – Self-Titled EP7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Last Way Out
  2. Reckless Choice
  3. Only When Angels Lie
  4. World For Company