Temnein join HRH bill in Birmingham


French quintet Temnein, currently on tour in Europe with The Crown, have unveiled a live video for the stunning ‘White Stained Inferno’.

The band will be playing HRH Metal in Birmingham on 16 February next year alongside the likes of Decapitated, Trollfest and Devilment. They will then return to Europe for some dates in support of At The Gates.

Formed in 2009, Temnein’s brand of melodic death metal draws influence from Dark Tranquillity, Ghost Brigade and Insomnium among others. Their first album, 404 B.C., released in 2014 via Mighty Music, scored some great reviews and allowed them to share the stage with renowned metal acts both at home in France and Japan in December 2014.

Following the addition of a new vocalist in 2016, the band entered Conkrete Studio (Loudblast, ETHS, The Great Old Ones…) with charismatic producer El Mobo to record their second album, White Stained Inferno – released in October 2017 through Massacre Records.

The album, the artwork for which was created by Ibay Arifin (Gojira, Year Of No Light) is a reference to a white stained inferno, which represents the medical field and more specifically the stay in a hospital. The lyrics deal with all the difficult steps of the disease, whether it’s physical or psychological: from the beginning of the disease to the possible healing, the chilling diagnostic, the struggle against oneself and the fear of death.

Musically, the album is darker and more atmospheric than 404 B.C.. To symbolise the concept of the record, the band wished to focus more on the emotional aspect of their sound, dialling back the technicality. However, the whole record has a lot of diversity; utilising acoustic guitars alongside vicious blast beats, blistering solo work and massive hooks.

In Spring 2018 the band signed a worldwide management/booking deal with The Flaming Arts Agency (Behemoth, Venom Inc., Marduk, Possessed, I Am Morbid).

Over the years, Temnein have shared stages with many big headline acts, opening for Eluveitie, Powerwolf, Primordial, Equilibrium, Leprous, Beyond Creation, Mors Principium Est, God Dethroned, Pyogenesis, Dagoba, Benighted, Gorod, Leng T’che, Hypno5e, No Return, Hacride among others.