Syteria announce new album plans


Welcome to Syteriaworld. A realm of colourful, pounding and punked-melodic rock that is occupied by Yorkshire -bred band Syteria, who return this coming August 11 with their third album Syteriaworld via Cargo. 

Formed by Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers, of the legendary UK rockers Girlschool, alongside Argentine siblings Julia and Pablo Calvo, and Steph Dawson, with previous albums Rant-O-Bot and Reflection, and a host of tours and festival appearances, Syteria have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.  

The Syteria sound mixes elements of modern pop/punk energies with more contemporary rock anthemic choruses, incorporating four-part harmonies and using the ancient Solfeggio scale of recording in 432hz, instead of the standard 440hz, to leave you feeling in tune with the universe.

You can check out the video for new track ‘Monsters’ above and pre-order Syteriaworld HERE.

The debut album, Rant-O-Bot received an award nomination and was shortlisted to the final five at the ‘Independent Music Awards’, as well as ranking highly in many online voting polls for best band in various categories. The follow up album, Reflection, was released in 2020, just before the pandemic, supported by countless of stunning reviews.   

Back now with Syteriaworld, the band have crafted an introspective album that explores the ups and downs of life through twelve tracks of powerful guitar riffs, pounding beats, and catchy choruses. The songs touch on a range of themes, from chasing dreams and overcoming fears to dealing with breakups and social media monsters. There’s a sense of maturity and wisdom in the lyrics and music that marks a significant step forward for the band.  

One of the most striking features of Syteriaworld is the honesty and vulnerability in the lyrics. Tracks like ‘Chasing Dreams’and ‘Breaking Through’ explore personal struggles and the journey towards self-discovery. Similarly, ‘It’s a Mess’ confronts the chaos of the world head-on, while ‘Debt Generation’ takes a critical look at consumerism and societal pressures.

The album showcases the band’s versatility and range, with each track offering a unique take on the challenges and joys of life. From the bitter frustration of ‘E.M.P.T.Y.’ to the celebratory spirit of ‘Raise Your Glass,’ this is an album that will have you singing along and nodding in agreement.

Syteria are:

Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers (Guitar, Vocals)
Julia Calvo (Lead Vocals)
Steph Dawson (Bass. Vocals)
Pablo Calvo (Drums, Vocals)