Invoker insight after Brum gig blow


Swiss hardcore quintet Invoker are on the road in the UK in support of To Kill Achilles and Reclaimer. Unfortunately their Birmingham show went off the road but Paul Castles managed to catch them and fire a few questions their way.

Hi guys, thanks for talking with Midlands Rocks – So how have things been going on the tour?
Hey there! thank you for having us! The tour has been awesome so far. The shows were great and it was very good to see some friends again in Germany and in the Czech Republic. The only downside so far, was that our van broke down on our way from the Czech Republic to the UK. We were able to get it fixed but we had to cancel our show in Birmingham. But we’re back on track now and can’t wait for the remaining shows. It’s our first time in the UK so we’re very excited!

Has any show in particular really stood out for you?
There are two guys from a city called Brno in the Czech Republic who we had contact with for quite some years now. They always wanted to see us play, but never made it to any  gigs because it was too far for them. So this time we played in Kolin and they were finally able to make it. They knew every song word by word and were dancing and moshing like hell. That made the show in Kolin very great!

Are you still focusing on material from your debut album Four Wall Nightmare or are there some new songs featured on this tour?
We are actually focusing more on songs from our latest EP Cursed To Feel which we released in October last year. But we still play a lot of songs from Four Wall Nightmare. A good mix of both records.

How have you been getting on with the guys in To Kill Achilles and Reclaimer?
Oh they’re such good guys! Everyone is kind and helpful all the time and they’re so fun to talk to. They play killer shows, so it’s a pleasure to watch them play every night. We have the best time with those dudes.

How much were you looking forward to the UK dates?
Very much! As we said, this is our first time here as a band. We’ve been here for shows of other bands a couple times and they were sick! So we are excited as hell and hope to have a killer time here!

Will Invoker be performing at any festivals in Europe over the summer?
Yeah, we’ll be playing Open Air Gränichen this summer alongside bands like Enter Shikari, Thy Art Is Murder and CKY and we are very excited. There are no more festivals confirmed yet but we’re really keen to hit some festival stages so if anyone wants us at their festival, hit us up!

In terms of recording and future releases where are the band at at this moment in time?
Our last record Cursed To Feel came out five months ago. Right now we’re in the phase where we are focusing more on the shows than writing. But we already have gathered some new ideas and will be in the mood to work them into new songs soon.

Do you write on the road or is that just for partying?
We have a notebook with Cubase and an audio interface with us but we’re travelling in a van that is not that big. It is packed as hell so it is difficult to do something on the road. We’re prepared for it and maybe we’ll find some spare time to use it but right now the focus is definitely more on partying!

Are any of the band members involved with any other musical projects?
Not at the moment. We are all working full-time jobs beside the band and with friends and family time it would probably not work out if we had any other projects. So our focus is fully on Invoker.

How big are your dreams for the band?
We don’t have any plans like charts or something like that but we definitely want to tour other continents like the America or Asia and also have some festivals on our list that we want to play like Groezrock in Belgium or Arctangent in the UK. And of course we want to write and release new music in the future. We want to keep doing this as long as we are having fun with it and if there are people who like and understand our music: even better!