Supersonic Festival present two taster shows ahead of the festival


As well as putting together a salivating festival line up to honour their tenth birthday, Supersonic are expanding their celebrations beyond one weekend, for the first time ever, hosting two very special taster shows in London and Birmingham in August.

Capsule and The Quietus are proud to present King Midas Sound & JK Flesh performing in both cities with specially selected and differing guests at each show.

King Midas Sound System drops DJ exclusive dubs/versions and remixes as well as bleeding other artists’ music into the astounding sound design. Featuring live vocals by Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson with Kevin Martin at the controls, be prepared for a sonic adventures into the deep. Slow, oceanic and glacial, the KMS System sets are a zoned out counterpoint to King Midas Sound’s live db avalanche…Bass, drones, tones and infinite reverb mark the spot where immersion is the key.

Godflesh, Head of David, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Jesu, Greymachine, Palesketcher – just some of the projects from the insanely prolific Justin Broadrick who this year raised his Techno Animal moniker JK Flesh from the dead to promote his recent album Posthuman. Once again proving his mastery of all things brutal. This material will be showcased for the first time in the UK all thanks for Supersonic. Expect soul-crushingly dark beats and bass, layered with Broadrick’s inimitable guitar and vocal fuzz, that will resonate with fans of Godflesh and the post-dubstep landscape alike.

Quite the killer collaboration given that Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin have previously collaborated together under the Techno Animal moniker. These events mark the reunion of some incredible minds indeed.


On Saturday 4 August at Eastside Projects, Capsule present King Midas Sound and JK Flesh, joined by Iron Fist Of The Sun, Laurence Hunt and Sarah Farmer to bring cacophonous, abstract, abrasive and titanic sounds into the walls of this converted art gallery/warehouse space.

On Thursday 9 August Corsica Studios have produced a stellar line up including King Midas Sound, JK Flesh and Glatze.

Meanwhile, Supersonic Festival still have a host of talks, exhibits, performers and some very special line up additions to add to their tenth birthday celebrations. Stay tuned for more news coming very soon.