Sun Storm – Emotional Fire


Review by Lisa Nash

Sun Storm is a project of Joe Lynn Turner’s, now on its 3rd album. In 2006 he released the 1st album, re-working songs he had penned for Rainbow, Deep Purple & Yngwie J Malmsteen, for whom he had provided vocals during the 80’s. The 2nd album, House of Dreams continued this in 2009.

Emotional Fire is taking the next step, taking the vocals that Joe recorded with other artists, as a session singer and re-working them in new recordings.

The band consist of Joe Lynn Turner (Vocals), Chris Schmidt (Drums), Dennis Ward (Bass/guitars/backing vocals), Uwe Reitenauer (Guitars), Justin Dakey (Keys).

Basically this is an album of 80’s AOR & power ballads and for added fun you can play the game of working out who had the hit with the track originally. Track listing is Never Give Up, Emotional Fire, Lay Down Your Arms, You Wouldn’t Know Love, Wish You Were Here, Torn in Half, Gina, The Higher You Rise, Emily, Follow Your Heart & All I Am. Shall not spoil the fun by naming who released each one.

Well produced, expertly played and a listening pleasure, these are musicians who are at the top of their game and never put a note wrong. Emotional Fire and You Wouldn’t Know Love are probably the most obvious tracks, being the biggest hits originally but the whole album is thoroughly enjoyable.

Rating 8/10