Suicide By Tigers – S/T


The sound of a bygone era once again renewed in 2016…

Released on 2 September 2016 by Smilodon Records and reviewed by Stephen Brophy

One of the new batch of Swedish Rock bands to flood the scene, the scary thing being just how many of them are excellent and are putting together top notch releases. Have to say Suicide By Tigers is a new name to me and a slightly unusual one but the music they produce is great.

This album is quite fresh and interesting. There are elements of a number of influences mixed in here, but certainly not enough to think that they may be copying anyone’s sound or be unoriginal. A mix of old school 70’s rock and a more modern sound, works really well with Nils Lindström vocal style and delivery. What really stands out the more you listen to it is the wonderful rhythm section, the bass and the drums just dominate most of the album. That’s not to say that there isn’t some beautiful guitar work in there too, because Petter Rudnert does an excellent job throughout.

The album has a number of standout tracks, but probably the first one that pops into the mind after living with it for a while is the sublimely brilliant ‘Vicious Malicious’. It’s a terrific track with more than a few shades of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden to it and contrasts well with the immense rocker ‘Pack Of Wolves’, both being songs that will go across well live thanks to their heavier sound.

There’s a balance throughout, nothing crazy heavy, and no real ballads, though ‘Fox In A Hole’ is a beautiful drifting track that still has a kick to it. And then there’s the more rocking ‘True Believers’ that kicks off on Drums (Johan Helgesson) and Bass (Peter Broch) and allows Nils to do his thing, it raises and falls and never loses control.

There are a lot of rock bands on the scene at the moment trying to run with this style of music and it has in many ways reinvigorated the classic rock genre. Sweden has many – Graveyard, Spiders, Horisont and so many others – all with different influences and sounds but a common thread running through their styles. There’s a blues tinge to it all and it’s classically rock. Tracks like the opener ‘Death On Your Trail’ is a classy rumbling track with a simplicity to it that makes bands like Rival Sons so popular and easily accessible. Suicide By Tigers have that feel. With the release of this debut album you are already waiting to see how they develop with album number two.

This isn’t a ground-breaking album. It’s not creating a new genre or anything, but why should you need to reinvent the wheel? This is music played and put together really well and there’s a lot of catchy numbers here. The new breed of thinking man’s rock bands looks like it’s here to stay. An expanding array of great sounding bands are popping up across the globe and when it’s done like this, damn, it’s great to listen to. Add these guys to your playlist.

suicide-by-tigers-20168.5 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Death On Your Trail
  2. Beautiful Nights
  3. Pack Of Wolves
  4. Vicious Malicious
  5. Fox In A Hole
  6. True Believers
  7. Ball Of Fire
  8. Keep You Smiling



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