Stubblemelt – The Search EP


Review by Ian Savage

This West Mids/Staffordshire quintet impressed me at the Aston Villa kit launch party last year, so I’ve been looking forward to hearing how their punchy, melodic live set translates onto record. ‘The Search’ comes out of the blocks strongly with ‘Evil Insane’, a grooving synth-laden track with a couple of tasty hooks and some strong melodies. In a spooky echo of their Villa live set, they then bring the atmosphere down a notch with ‘Blood Money’, slower but still full-bore, before ‘See Your Lovers’ takes things in a more Stereophonics-esque chart rock direction, the ‘whoa-oh’ chorus and subtle keyboard weavings providing a solid if generic middle section to the EP.

‘Lord of the Gods’ slams the rock back into proceedings, all big guitars and pounding bass and drums (brought out by the excellent production evident throughout). It’s all rounded off nicely with ‘Angry Troll’, the electronic augmentation initially taking things in a slightly more 80s direction before a slightly hackneyed rap break provides a somewhat unwelcome Linkin Park vibe. A pretty good indication of a band on the rise, but with eclecticism belying one who haven’t fully realised their own musical direction yet – look out for the full-lengther.

Stubblemelt - The Search EP7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Evil Insane
  2. Blood Money
  3. See Your Lovers
  4. Lord Of The Gods
  5. Angry Troll