Structures – Your First Day As Part Of Our World


Review by Chop

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Seems an eternity ago since Tamworth’s Structures supported Enochian Theory at The Rainbow in Digbeth. Having put in a fine shift that night, the wait for their second full length album was almost interminable. Well, the waiting’s over, so how does their studio output compare with their live prowess?

Admirably well, in a nutshell. Equal parts post rock, space rock,  and sludge, fans of Isis, Alcest, Monster Magnet, and Iron Monkey will find much to keep them amused. Throw in flashes of Pink Floyd or early Rush and you’ve got quite a soundscape going on. Overall the album ebbs and flows nicely, the contrast between quieter, almost reflective, sections and full on rock workouts keeping your attention throughout.

Opener ‘Baikonur’ runs for nine minutes, an epic instrumental that encapsulates the band’s intentions well. ‘Kamarov’ throws the Pink Floyd or Rush vibe into the melting pot in a ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ or ‘Cygnus’, respectively, manner, whilst ‘The Man Who..’ contains a Barack Obama speech sample within its eleven minutes of complexity. ‘We Were Surrounded By Steel’ is the first of the shorter ‘link’ tracks prior to ‘Volk’ which is an eleven minute-plus epic, containing the musical gem of the album with the heavy guitar tone in the bridge. The final two tracks are a quiet instrumental and sedate outro that make the album feel like it’s petered out somewhat, but to each their own, eh?

It shouldn’t come as a great surprise to find that my main gripe concerns the shorter tracks and quite how the album would sound without them, or with them being replaced by another lengthy track, but perhaps this could be a way forward on their next release? There are far more positives than negatives though; Structures have come up trumps with this one and deserve your attention if you’re a fan of any of the preceding reference point bands. If you haven’t seen them live yet, they’re back at The Rainbow on 19 November supporting Jarboe, which sounds like one for the diary. Check them out and judge for yourselves.

Structures 20137 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Baikonur
  2. Kamarov
  3. The Man Who Wandereth Out Of The Way Of Understanding Shall Remain In The Congregation Of The Dead
  4. We Were Surrounded By Steel
  5. Volk
  6. Six Red Lights In The Sky
  7. Hope