Steel Threads – Timing is Everything


Review by Tony Gaskin

At the heart of British Rock is a strong tradition of Folk Music. Now before you stop reading, let me explain. Folk music appears in as many forms as does Metal, it’s not all sitting around pubs drinking warm ale and smoking pipes (well smoking those electronic thingies anyway). There’s a great history of a harder edged folk music and this alternative side is still going strong. You’ve only got to see the likes of the Beautiful Days Festival selling out every year and this year the Moseley Folk Festival attracted some big names who you wouldn’t normally associate with folk music. And I’m sure there’s many more throughout the country. But I digress, this review is for the new album from a band that describe themselves as Power Folk, see just like the Metal fraternity!

Taking their cue from the likes of The Levellers, The Waterboys and New Model Army, Steel Threads take the cosy camp fire sing-a-long and turn it on it’s head by simply giving it a rock make-over.

Opening track, “Nothing to Hide” is ironically prophetic. Almost biographical, this is what we play and this is how we’re gonna play it. That aside, it’s a great song, with the acoustic guitar and violins combining beautifully, setting the tone if you will for a laid back, exquisite experience.

The aforementioned influences come to the fore with tracks like Steel Threads and Hold Me Like We’ll Die Tonight, and the love of classic British Rock is never far away with the occasional rock inspired guitar riffs. This is a great album if you love a bit of traditional music in your life but don’t like to own up to it, it sits nicely between the rock and folk genres, and will appeal to aficionados of good quality singer/song writer records.

The album is out now on Rocksector Records and to celebrate their appearance at The British Folk Festival this coming Sunday 2nd December and their support dates with The South (former Beautiful South members) they are giving away the track “At The Start Again” from the 10th December via a download on the website.

8 out of 10

Track listing:

1. Nothing To Hide
2. Dead In My Mouth
3. Steel Threads
4. Last Nights Love
5. Let The Wind Blow
6. Hold Me Like We’ll Die Tonight
7. If Words Grew On Trees
8. Gave You A Thought
9. All In The Song
10. Sapphire Blue
11. We All Leave Alone