St Prostitute – Here Come The Prostitutes


Review by Brian McGowan

Following on the back of the wonderfully titled EP debut, ‘Get Drunk Or Try Dying’ comes the first full length studio album from Danish rock band, St. Prostitute. So yes, you’ve quickly got to get past the dumb band name and the dumber album title (and the cliched but admittedly cool artwork), otherwise you’ll deny yourself one of the year’s better rock releases.

Already acclaimed by no less an authority than Classic Rock magazine, this album is bound to feature on many a 2012 best of list, and little wonder.

If you’re looking for sidelong glances at modern morality, you’ll be mightily disappointed. Hard rock brooks no place for social commentary. Most lyrics sift through the fragments of broken relationships, and Fussy Korsholm’s aching baritone does a convincing job of eliciting our sympathy.

But that predominant mood disguises the enormous inventiveness of Soren Anderson’s production and the band’s sharp song writing. Remember when Enuff Znuff were a great band?

STP take a dog eared copy of the EZN blueprint and oil it up with elements of sleaze and hair metal. It’s slick, it’s heavy, it’s light on its feet. It’s filled to bursting with inviting hooks, and grabs your attention from the moment the title track launches.

Impressive tracks like ‘Dreaming Of You’, ‘I’m Not Falling’ and ‘Hell Yeah’ sweep into orbit like pocket rockets aiming for the stars, sustaining a marvellous, ragged edged pop rock majesty that suggests these guys know exactly what they‘re doing.

‘Highway Hitcher’ and ‘Schizophrenia’ blend a fierce old-school vocal attack over sparser guitars, before erupting in frenzies of razoring axe work, while the awesome ‘Medicine’ carries an attractive, melancholy undertow, like channelling EZN through the gothic rock wash of classy Finnish band, Carmen Gray.

The album ends with ’Crisis’, a spring loaded, soul searching blast of punky rifferama, and a fitting finale, musically and lyrically.

New Year Resolution? Buy this album.

8 out of 10

st prostitute 

  1.  Here Come The Prostitutes
  2.  Say When It’s Over
  3.  I’m Not Falling
  4.  Dreaming Of You
  5.  The Highway Hitcher Murder Blues
  6.  Hell Yeah!!
  7.  Medicine
  8.  A Bitter Man’s Lullaby
  9.  Schizophrenia
  10.  Crisis


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