Soulphernus blackened bow gets the Clobber treatment


Clobber Records have just announced the upcoming debut full-length release from UK blackened death metal crew SOULPHERNUS.

Hailing from the North of England, everything about Soulphernus is harsh, raw and hostile. They boldly tread a path that many others would shy away from and leave nothing to the imagination. This is genuinely impenetrable music made by a genuinely sinister band.

The band threw their demonic calling card into the scene with 2016’s Peace Is The Greatest Lie Ov All and now they return with a full-length self-titled album. A torrential deluge of vicious vocals, cutting guitars and detonating drums marks the sound of Soulphernus in 2019 and this release doesn’t stray from the opening of ‘Lo and Behold’ to the final track ‘Sztandar Lucyfera’ – the latter being entirely written in Polish, the first language of vocalist Plaga.

Clobber Records began in 2017 and has steadily been building a strong roster. Concentrating very much on the UK underground extreme metal scene, the label can already boast releases from the likes of Abduction, Shadowflag, Absinthropy and Gorgonchrist.

Clobber Records continues to seek out the very best and strives to give each release the exposure it deserves as well as promoting the label through the strength of its roster.

You can pre-order the new Soulphernus album here.