Soldierfield – Bury The Ones We Love EP


Review by Tosh Davies

Now here’s a band to watch closely, if you like straight ahead Rock/Metal with some astounding vocals combined with melody and bite. This 5-track EP is certainly something to whet the appetite until the impending album is unleashed upon us. Featuring the vocal talents of Leigh Oates (Order Of Voices, Rise To Addiction) this EP is a combination of masterfully crafted anthems of riff-infused loveliness. The massive drum thunder from Jeff Singer (Paradise Lost, BLAZE, Kill II This, China Beach) forms a solid foundation for the guitar layers to home in on its prey and surround you in a shock wave of British Metal pleasure. What will impress you is the magnitude of harmonies & hooks that are embedded within the walls of this 5 track onslaught. From the hard hitting ‘Bury The Ones You Love’ to the acoustic haunt of ‘Skyflower’ this is a little gem waiting to be discovered.

Soldierfield are on the cusp of promotion, given the right push and backing these guys could very well be gracing some rather large stages soon enough. Impressed.

Soldierfield – Bury The Ones We Love EP8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Bury The Ones We Love
  2. Feel Alive
  3. Leave You In Dirt
  4. Skyflower
  5. The Path