Sofy Major – Idolize


Review by Jason Guest

Solar Flare Records

If ever the phrase “difficult second album” applied to any, it’s France’s Sofy Major’s second album Idolize. When hurricane Sandy destroyed the studio and the band’s equipment just as they were about to make their first attempt to record the album, it was the support of the Brooklyn scene that ensured that this gem has found its way into the world. That, the combined dedication of the band and producer Andrew Schneider (bassist of Pigs and producer of Unsane and Converge etc.), and the two years of hard work that included 150 gigs in 20 countries has given the release a distinct feeling of perseverance and dogged determination, the tracks imbued with a level of intensity and authenticity that augments the album’s already gripping experience.

Given the consistency in quality of their previous releases, Idolize marks a distinct and natural progression in their musical development. While noise rock at their core, not only are the metal and hardcore influences more than apparent but also that of punk, sludge and the odd hint of doom. The album bears as much of the sludge/doom of bands such as Isis and early Baroness as it does the noise/hardcore of Unsane and Pigs and the punk attitude of Dead Kennedys and the mischievousness of (the) Melvins. Musically, this band is tight and slamming. Mathieu hits his drums hard, bashing out psychopathic and inventive rhythms to lay the foundation for bassist Sébastien’s and guitarist Mathieu’s (different Mathieu) twisted riffs. And with guitarist Mathieu spitting bile into the mic, the whole thing is synchronised in a monstrous wave of relentless, violent, and destructive attitude. Andrew Scneider’s production gives space to all of the instruments yet retains the tight intensity of the band’s unity. Hook-laden and biting, furious and forceful throughout, this concentrated slab of noise is exceptional. Recommended.

Sofy Major – Idolize7.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Aucune Importance
  2. Comment
  3. Steven The Slow
  4. Bbbbreak
  5. UMPKK pt1
  6. UMPKK pt2
  7. Slow And Painful
  8. Coffee And Hamman
  9. Seb
  10. Platini
  11. Frost Forward
  12. Power Of Their Voice


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