Snowy White releases new album ‘Driving On The 44’ on 22nd July


Snowy White releases his new album ‘Driving On The 44’ on 22nd July, out via Soulfood.

When recording his many solo albums Snowy White has always gone his own way. ‘Driving On The 44’ is a further example of how he has matured and developed over the years. Ten great tracks of relaxed riffs, cool grooves and soulful blues. Snowy White is a man who has nothing to prove but who can still play hot and smoky guitar.

Check out the soaring solo on ‘Keep On Flying,’ the long and edgy workout on ‘Blues 22’, the mellow guitar sounds on ‘Freshwater’, and the expressive ‘Longtime Blues’.  Snowy White – it’s all in the music!

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Snowy White –  vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards
Thomas White – Drums and percussion
Max Middleton – piano, Hammond, strings
Ferry Lagendijk  – piano, Hammond, synths

Longtime Blues
Down In The Dark
Driving On The 44
Blues 22
Ain’t No Secret
Keep On Flying
One Man Girl
Slinky Too
Lady Luck (So Mean To Me)