Slussenanalys – Livets Spindlar 7”


Review by Paul Broome

Full Contact/Ektro Records

Slussenanalys’ debut album Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos (Ed: reviewed here) was one of the best surprises of the year for me. I had no great expectations when it landed it my lap and its air of madcap brilliance and total abandonment blew me away. It ended up firmly placed in my top five albums of 2013, and I sang its praises to anyone who would listen.

So the release of this two-track single on 7” is a welcome thing indeed, and a great way to round out the year. The same sense of organised chaos pervades both tracks on offer here, although there’s almost a sense that the band (which is in essence a Scandinavian noise rock super-group of types) is gaining confidence in what Slussenanalys means – with both tracks being strung around two or three particular astute riffs, and the intensity ratcheted up to 10.

krypt-044 - Slussenanalys - Livets spindlar  (7-inch sleeve Tren

Again, the real star of the piece is the enigmatic vocalist Esko Lönnberg – one of my ‘people of 2013’ without a doubt. Aged somewhere between 35 and 95, his liberated free-form recitations are truly intoxicating and full of dramatic emphasis and character – and his depiction on the cover (as some kind of bare-chested spider/human hybrid) only serves to enhance his mystery.

Buy this single, buy the album, and cross your fingers that they head over the North Sea next year and show us what they can do in person.

8 out of 10


  1. Livets Spindlar
  2. Knappt Förnimbar