Slussenanalys – Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos


Review by Paul Broome

Ektro Records

The coolest thing about reviewing stuff is when something unknown lands in the in tray and turns out to be unexpectedly frigging fantastic. So it was on a particularly shitty day that I first hit play on this, the new album from anarchic Finnish noise rockers Slussenanalys.

A garage space rock band fronted by a tripping Catweazle look-a-like of indeterminate age pounding out 2 and 3 minute riff-tastic anthems, Slussenanalys are a band like no other. Unbridled noise joy, unfettered by decency, liberated from cool – they bring a purity of form to be revelled in. Of course I haven’t got the faintest idea what vocalist, lyricist and bearded future icon Esko Lönnberg is singing about, and it doesn’t matter. You know those moments when Jello Biafra gets lost in diabolical chuckling and crazed bawling (mostly in Lard’s most extreme moments)? Well Esko’s delivery spills into that kind of area from time to time – tempered with more than a little Damo Suzuki, a little bit of Till Lindemann, and something… unique.

Musically they’re as tight as a Tory peer at a miner’s benefit fundraiser. The band weave a heavy and focused metal punk canvas for the positively unhinged Esko to spray his wildest thoughts across (much in the same way as Jourgensen, Barker et al did for Biafra in the aforementioned Lard).

I can’t really single out any tracks for special attention (although ‘Himlen Mot Helvete’ is pretty damn special, and certainly serves as a good sampler for the rest of the album), as the lack of familiarity in the language makes it hard for me to remember which is which – but it’s worth pointing out that this extended CD release is really an album of two halves. The first 11 tracks are short and fast and will rip through your cortex like a knife through buttermilk. Then the album veers swiftly to the left for the bonus tracks: four long largely-improvised soundscapes that are in no way as instantly accessible as the album proper and will definitely not be to everyone’s taste. But don’t let that put you off. Because, well, they’re bonus tracks – who said you had to enjoy them?

In a world of sanitised, brand-endorsed, Ticketmaster bullshit, this is the kind of dirty finger-nailed, grubby noise rock that can only be good for the soul. I urge you to seek it out and embrace it now. ‘The Most Swedish Noise Rock Band in Finland’ is waiting for you.

Slussenanalys8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Djävulens Ulv
  2. Ruttet Ägg
  3. Stelnad Blick
  4. Asfaltörn
  5. De Förklonade
  6. Kung För Världen
  7. Levande Maskin
  8. Himlen Mot Helvete
  9. Brinnande Spjutspets
  10. Tomma Skallar
  11. Var Var Ja

CD Bonus Tracks:

  1. Liemannen
  2. En Promenad Med Den Lurvige
  3. Sen Lektion I Att Le
  4. Slussarna Släpper / Insmickrande Dumhet