Skid Row – Rise Of The Damnation Army (United World Rebellion Chapter 2)


An encouraging improvement on its predecessor…

Review by Ian Savage 


Release date: 4 August 2014

Skid Row have taken a step away from the traditional ‘release 12-track album and tour it for 18 months’ model with their United World Rebellion project. The first mini-album of the planned trilogy came out about a year ago, and with the stated intention of “keeping it fresh” the seven tracks on Chapter 2 have been kept largely under wraps until its release. This reviewer was slightly underwhelmed by Chapter 1, so how does the sequel fare?

As with part one, the band kick off strong. Whilst slightly hackneyed ‘We Are The Damned’ is a perfectly good slice of prime Skid Row riffage, and follow-up ‘Give It The Gun’ is given a ‘heavier Aerosmith’ vibe by dint of its slide guitar and drawled pre-chorus – so far, so good. Echoing the previous chapter, track three is the obligatory power ballad; ‘Catch Your Fall’ may not be the song to replace ‘I Remember You’ in your ‘early hours heartache’ playlist, but it’s less by-the-numbers than many. Thankfully the EP soars rather than slumps towards the middle – it may have echoes of ‘Slave To The Grind’ in its structure, but ‘Damnation Army’ should by rights be a slamming live staple by the time SR hit UK shores in October and ‘Zero Hour’ boasts a damn fine groove and hookline.

A couple of covers are crowbarred in towards the climax. ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ is punked up and treated to 21st century production, whilst closer ‘Rats In The Cellar’ nods to the band’s erstwhile touring partners Aerosmith by turbo-charging one of their staples. As a whole Rise Of The Damnation Army is definitely a grower, and an encouraging improvement on its predecessor – let’s see if Chapter 3 can manage 9/10!

Skid Row – Rise Of The Damnation Army8 out of 10


Track listing: 

  1. We Are The Damned
  2. Give It The Gun
  3. Catch Your Fall
  4. Damnation Army
  5. Zero Hour
  6. Sheer Heart Attack
  7. Rats In The Cellar