Sink – Holy Testament


Review by Jason Guest

Svart Records

Blurring the bounds between black, sludge and drone for ten years plus, Sink’s sound is dark and heavy. Simultaneously gloomy and hypnotic, the monolithic mantra-like ambiences that Sink produce are the stuff of unpropitious portents and hopeless pasts hanging like the sword of Damocles over every waking moment.

Amid the vacant, rapidly strummed guitar chords of the first part of Holy Testament, painful cries emerge from the ebony abyss over which melodies are precariously suspended. Solemn drones collapse into quarries of white noise before tirades of fiery black metal riffs, blast-beats and soulless vocals surge forward into crescendos of cacophonous noise that disappear into abrupt silence. Monumental murmurs flood the sullen wasteland with atrementous despair, out of the desert wind emerging a distorted bass, its forlorn melody and off-time signature a melancholic, barren voice in this otherworldly expanse. For the second part, the psychedelic aspect of Sink comes to the fore, the organ and synths forming a celestial sphere within which brooding vocals mutter ominously amid its cosmic haze. The spectral ambience is haunting as a heartbeat drum provides the foundation for waves of noise, cataclysmic highs, and snarling rhythms that evolve, ever denser and increasingly engrossing. Amid the soft deserts, mists of noise reverberate while chord after slow chord slowly erupts from beneath the miasmic slurry of melancholy and the dark, ambient drones.

Holy Testament, whether taken individually or as one piece, is a minimalist, avant-garde, and funereal experience. Metallic and destructive, kaleidoscopic and hallucinatory, at eighty four minutes, Holy Testament may be no easy task and too much to take in in one sitting. But whether you choose to endure it in its entirety or indulge intermittently, Sink have created a space for the imagination to encounter an array of perturbing atmospheres that offer much to those willing to grant themselves leave from the temporal and mundane.

Sink - Holy Testament7.5 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Into The Platinum Skies
  2. Ritual
  3. Ritual Transfigured
  4. Justice
  5. Cold Stars
  6. Repulsion
  7. Descending Skies
  8. Necropolis
  9. Parallel
  10. Into The Current
  11. Recursion
  12. Dominion