Shining (NOR) – One One One


Review by Raymond Westland

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Blackjazz by jazz/metal/industrial formation Shining from Norway is one of the truly trailblazing albums of the last decade. The innovative mixture of freestyle jazz, progressive rock, black metal and industrial is still an impressive feat in itself. Fast forward to this year, because the all-important follow up record, entitled One One One, is finally upon us.

People expecting Blackjazz Part II might get a little disappointed because the new Shining record is a little easier to digest, thanks to certain influences from pop music and mainmain/creative mastermind Jørgen Munkeby’s fondness to stray in the twilight zone between commercial accessiblity and deranged artistry. I guess that’s the best way to describe One One One. On one hand the madness and innovative nature of Blackjazz is preserved, but on the other hand Shining has never sounded so accessible as on tracks like ‘I Won’t Forget’, ‘Blackjazz Rebels’ and ‘The Hurting Game’. Some of the songs on this album are even danceable.

Some people may be put off by the poppy songstructures on One One One, but I think it drastically increases the listenablity of Shining. It would be an exercise in futility trying to eclipse the schizophrenic madness of ‘Fisheye’ and ‘The Madness And The Damage Done’. The music would have become utterly unlistenable for mere mortals, unless you’re into the avantgardistic composers like Stockhausen or the notorious King Crimson Projects. In short, the general direction of One One One is the way forward in my (humble) opinion.

Where Blackjazz is the epitome in avant-garde freestyle madness, One One One will be the album that will introduce Munkeby and Shining to a wider audience and will make a household name of them. Excellent album.

_SHINING_frontcover30x30_J-save_#ff7700_Doc Color Mode_Litt ned8.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. I Won’t Forget
  2. The One Inside
  3. My Dying Drive
  4. Off The Hook
  5. Blackjazz Rebels
  6. How Your Story Ends
  7. The Hurting Game
  8. Walk Away
  9. Paint The Sky Black