Scott Ian: Speaking Words @ The Vault, Rugby – Wednesday 29th May


Review by Brady Deeprose 

A household name to most metalheads, Scott Ian embarked on a solo tour unlike any other: purely spoken word. After being approached for a one-off gig last year and loving it, Scott couldn’t wait to get on the road and share the stories of his career.

Scott Ian TourReviewing this kind of show is a tricky task: what can I say? There’s no track-list or stage show, just an insight into the frankly quite brilliant mind of a metal icon. So I’ll let Scott do the introductions…

“My first ‘Speaking Words’ tour and I get to do it in the UK and Ireland? Really? Wow, how fucking cool is that! My one-off show in London went so well and now I get to speak words at you all over the place. Thank you for having a superior sense of humour.

I’m calling it ‘Speaking Words’ because the pretension of saying I am doing a ‘Spoken Word’ tour is too much to bear. This ain’t no poetry reading. This isn’t an evening of sensitive discourse.

It’s an evening of ridiculous truth. It’s me talking (swearing) about this insane life I’ve led over the last 31 years, the people I’ve met and the shit that’s happened. And when I’m done swearing, you can ask me anything you want, the floor is yours. Cheers my friends, see you in May and June.”

True to his word, no stone was left unturned,  with the Anthrax guitarist telling  us about everything from his first run-in with ‘mushrooms’ to drinking with Lemmy and some ingenious pranks by the late Dimebag. What your ticket money buys you feels like a one-on-one chat with Mr Ian, who fills in some of metals history, specifically around the thrash scene, with the stories of his life. Despite not being a seasoned public speaker, Scott is frankly hilarious and his talk has a clear, thought-out structure. Throughout the show, he made it clear just how thankful he was that people had turned up, a humble side that is great to see in a star.

Scott IanWith his first book in the works (featuring many of the stories told on the tour), there’s no need to fret on missing out this time, especially as he’s considering a return to the spoken word medium in the future.

‘Speaking Words’ is a show not just for Anthrax fans, but for anyone wanting to get a little snippet into the life of a star and lean a little more about some of metal’s biggest stars.