Satanic Bloodspraying – At The Mercy of Satan


Review by Jason Guest

This grim, filthy, blasphemous piece of debased black metal is the debut album from Satanic Bloodspraying, Bolivia’s demonic duo of The Connoisseur of Death and The Animal Pervertor. Their attack is as subtle as their names aren’t, and, like a semen tsunami, the predominantly one-note riff that makes up the violence that is the opening track ‘Draining Blood’ is bitter and overwhelming in its impact.

With the drums (possibly a machine; I don’t think anyone knows) jammed on full velocity, the duo’s incessant and merciless approach cleaves through into ‘Satanic Skullfuck’, two and a half minutes of more ruthless savagery. Nothing changes for ‘Tetragrammaton’, nor for ‘Necro Dominatrix’ for that matter. But  ‘March The Dead’ sees the tempo drop a little and the savagery subside in the name of evil and majestic chords, galloping rhythms, and melodic, sung (sort of) vocals.

The fury returns with ‘Wrath Of Baal’, a quick blast of blackened fire before ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’s elaborate structure and relatively complex rhythms and riffs display a more intricate side to the duo’s musical dimensions. And the title of the title track says it all as it finishes the album off with a final bombardment of punishing blows.

Eight tracks in twenty five minutes, At The Mercy of Satan is as subtle as a ram-raid on an explosives factory. Raw and primal throughout, the dense and sharp production means your ears are in for a battering. As for your souls…

7.5 out of 10

  • Check them out at Hell’s Headbangers here

Track listing:

  1.  Draining Blood
  2.  Satanic Skullfuck
  3.  Tetragrammaton
  4.  Necro Dominatrix
  5.   March The Dead
  6.  Wrath Of Baal
  7.  The Day The Earth Stood Still
  8.  At The Mercy Of Satan