Sannhet – Known Flood


Review by Jason Guest

Sacrament Music

Since late 2010 Brooklyn trio Sannhet have been spreading the wordless in the underground and have deemed 2013 to be the right time to bestow upon the world their début full length, Known Flood. An album rife with riff-building structures, surging rhythms, and deep contours, its nine-track forty five minutes is a grower. With the absence of a vocalist, such bands are presented with the opportunity (or the horror) to explore subtleties and sonic sensations that may otherwise be overlooked and Sannhet have here proved themselves to be maybe not masters, but certainly adepts at the art. This is an album that sneaks up on you, one where a passage or a melody that may have been given scant attention on previous listens will suddenly appear and take hold. Multi-layered, Sannhet reveal themselves to be a band who combine musical capability with intelligence, controlling the pace at which its strata appear within its horizons. Well-produced, well-performed, and well-constructed, Known Flood is as unsettling as it is uplifting and as melodic as it is moving.

Instrumental post-whatever bands are ten-a-penny. The genre-defying genre has the rhythms, the melodies, the complexities, and the dynamic approaches that proffer much in the way of possibility and Sannhet, in tapping the well for as much creativity as they can muster, have proved their mettle. Well above average and certainly not mediocre, this has more than its fair share of stirring and inspired moments and it’s a notable début that will get the band wider recognition but Sannhet are yet to truly distinguish themselves. Keep an eye on them. It’ll be worth it.

7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Absecon Isle
  2. Safe Passage
  3. Invisible Wounds
  4. Endless Walls
  5. Moral
  6. Slow Ruin
  7. Haunches
  8. Still Breathing
  9. Flatlands