Sacred Mother Tongue – Out Of The Darkness


Review by Brady Deeprose

Transcend Music Released: 15 April 2013

Out Of The Darkness is the second album by Midlands metal band Sacred Mother Tongue following up their 2009 debut full-length The Ruin Of Man. Heralded as one of the brightest lights forging into metal’s future, SMT have amassed a huge following on the back of just one album and so the expectation for this release is high.

What they’ve produced is a collection of hard-hitting, groove-laden tracks that show a vast improvement from their first release. A maturity has crept into their sound, quite subtly, but it really makes all the difference alongside the sheer brute force that we all know and love. The main difference is the vocal approach of Darrin South, going from mostly screaming to a more hard-rock-esque clean voice, that has really changed the band’s sound. Tracks like ‘Bleeding Out’ and ‘Pawn’ had me head-banging along from the very first listen: the drumming of Lee Newell really driving the tracks along and proving that heaviness isn’t dependant on rasping vocals.

Single ‘A Light Will Shine’ showcases what the band does best with some serious shred from Andy James alongside what has become the SMT sound: A solid groovy verse and catchy hook-fuelled chorus. That said, it’s not the strongest track on the album for me and not all of the hooks throughout the record are as memorable but the sheer aggression of some of the riffs more than makes up for it.

Definitely an album for those that are into your Metallica, Shinedown or Bullet For My Valentine but I think fans of heavier music can still appreciate the clever songwriting. Look out for them on the Sunday of Download Festival on the main stage!

SMT - Out of the Darkness 20137 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Demons
  2. Bird In Hand
  3. Seven
  4. Pawn
  5. Bleeding Out
  6. A Light Will Shine
  7. The City Is Crying
  8. Just A Ride
  9. Evolve Become
  10. Believe