Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Memories In Rock II




Released by Minstrel Hall Music on 6 April 2018 and reviewed by Angelina Pelova

As I was watching this DVD, my 12-year old son (who is learning to play bass guitar and drums, so knows a bit about music) stopped in his tracks and exclaimed: “Wow, this is a hell of a riff!” To which all I had to say in reply was: “This is Blackmore!” In all his glory, shining as bright as only he can, and making history.

Following their first single for 20 years, ‘Waiting For A Sign’ (released just over a month ago), the monoliths of British rock Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow have now given us the perfect gift: a double CD and a DVD set called Memories In Rock II re-appraising the legendary musician and his ongoing contribution to classic rock. This is a piece of history that anyone calling themselves a Rainbow fan simply must own. It captures their 2017 reunion in a brand new, absolutely brilliant, line up with the phenomenal vocalist Ronnie Romero.

The two CDs let those of us who were lucky enough to be present at the gig relive it, and to those who did not have this opportunity – to experience the unique atmosphere of Rainbow live. These recordings are a living proof of the unique talent of Romero’s who somehow manages to cover all eras of the band. He makes each song sound as close to the original as the original singers, and somehow also gives each track his own stamp. This is a sign of a genuine talent, which is perhaps why Blackmore decided to do a new studio recording with him, ‘I Surrender’ (2017 backstage clip) – included as bonus material at the end of the DVD.

The DVD is a unique addition to this pack. It contains interviews with each member of the band. Naturally, the longest interview is with Blackmore. He talks about everything: what it feels like to be together after 20 years; how Romero was discovered; how the rest of the line up was chosen; what ideas he has about a reunion with Deep Purple; about his unique relationship with Gillan; about the future, and a lot more. He once again reminds us of his unique place in the history of British rock and, although hardly cracking a smile, makes the interview and the backstage videos a heart-warming and most enjoyable material.

Each of the band members, as well as the technical crew (guitar technician, tour manager and stage lighting), are there to have their say, too. What one cannot help but notice is what a happy bunch they are. They don’t look like a band who has decided to get together to just play. They radiate the impression that they all love doing what they do and are having an enormous amount of fun in the process. What must have been helping in the meantime is the extremely warm response they received from the fans, the fully packed halls and the audience singing along each song. This may have come to Blackmore as a bit of a surprise, because, as he worded it, there are more people at their gigs now than back in the days. Which is a living proof that geniuses tend to outlive their generation.

Blackmore also sheds some light on the question I was asking myself, why they decided to include so many Deep Purple songs in their concerts. He let us into his ideas and speculations about the future of the band, giving us a vague hope that Rainbow may tour again. It sounds a bit sad to hear that his project with Candice is what he sees as more important in his life now, but he still seems to be having fun with Rainbow as well. Added to the charm of these interviews is the charisma of his wonderful wife who makes the videos even brighter and adds some family touches to the heritage of the band.

No two ways about it, this is history.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Memories In Rock IICD 1:

  1. Over The Rainbow
  2. Spotlight Kid
  3. I Surrender
  4. Mistreated
  5. Since You’ve Been Gone
  6. Man On The Silver Mountain
  7. Woman From Tokyo
  8. 16th Century Greensleeves
  9. Soldier Of Fortune
  10. Perfect Strangers
  11. Difficult To Cure
  12. All Night Long
  13. Child In Time

CD 2:

  1. Stargazer
  2. Long Live Rock’n’Roll
  3. Catch The Rainbow
  4. Black Night
  5. Carry On Jon
  6. Temple Of The King
  7. Smoke On The Water
  8. Bonus Track: Waiting For a Sign


  1. Ritchie Blackmore Interview
  2. Ronnie Romero Interview
  3. Jens Johansson Interview
  4. Bob Nouveau Interview
  5. David Keith Interview
  6. Candice Knight Interview
  7. Lady Lynn Interview
  8. Dave David Interview
  9. Andreas Bock Interview
  10. Michael Bockmuhl Interview
  11. Bonus Clip
  12. I Surrender 2017 Backstage Clip