Revoker + Liberty Lies @ Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – Wednesday 1st May 2013


Revoker 2013

Review by Jason Guest and photos by Samantha Knight

When they played this venue just over a month ago for the launch of their album, Reflections, (see Peter Keevil’s review here) Liberty Lies packed the room with somewhere in the region of 250 or more folks in attendance.  Tonight, to an audience of about 50, Liberty Lies gave the audience more of what we witnessed that night. With new guitarist Billy and bassist Wolfie stepping up to make their on-stage presence felt, Liberty Lies are delivering much more every time they play. To witness a band take a hit with the loss of a band member and recover so quickly is impressive. What’s obvious – glaringly so – is that this band’s goal is always at the fore of their collective mind and always on stage. And the audience get the best from these guys every time they play. Always great and always improving – and as us here at Midlands Ricks have been saying for a while now – Liberty Lies deserve to go a long way.

Ed: Check out Jason’s review of Reflections here.

Like tonight’s support act, the South Wales collective known as Revoker always gives their audience – regardless of its size – everything they have. With a set-list that has as much of the sleaze of Guns n’ Roses as it does the groove-laden heaviness of Pantera, the 50 or so folks in attendance get a show that is fit for an audience a thousand times its size. Revoker’s experiences of playing alongside the likes of Rob Zombie and in front of huge audiences at Hammerfest have clearly paid off. Tonight, they brought that outdoor experience indoors. Frontman Jamie Mathias keeps the crowd in the palm of his hand, encouraging us all to sing along. And even if we don’t know the words, that’s okay because we “can make ‘em up and sing along anyway!” A band that are as powerful as they are tight and determined, on stage, Revoker embody the age old rock adage to live fast and die young and play as if this was the last gig in all humanity’s existence. And With ‘Stay Down’ and a cover of AC/DC’s ‘T.N.T. to close the night, Revoker cement their reputation as a killer live act and one that deserves to be much bigger than they are.

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