Resonance – Resonance


Review by Jack Arkell

Comments about a band’s age quickly become tiresome. But, suffice to say that Wolverhampton-based trio Resonance have crafted an extremely positive debut EP that displays musicianship beyond their years.

Take opening track ‘Freefall’, which features an introduction punctuated by a resounding guitar and the pummelling of Matthew Dobson’s unfortunate drum kit. It is 45 seconds before so much as a word passes the lips of vocalist Ellie Davies, but it is then that the song really takes off, propelling into a radio-rock chorus that is refreshingly memorable.

‘Leave Me Alone’ is a much darker affair, both musically and lyrically. This adds depth to the small collection of songs, separating Resonance from countless one-dimensional bands. More proficient guitar-work courtesy of Luke Hatton opens ‘Extreme’, as more strong hooks are dispensed over the course of another strong three and a half minute effort.

‘Last Chance Highway’ is every bit as competently written as the preceding tracks, but is slightly less remarkable. This may be due to the fact that by this point, the listener is no longer surprised at the aptitude of these three musicians, holding elevated expectations.

If and when a full-length Resonance album is released, it will be interesting to charter the band’s growth. For now though, this succinct EP serves as an impressive starting point, and one that doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed.

Rated 7 out of 10