Reckless Love – Born To Break Your Heart


Review by Brian McGowan

A mini album from Olli Herman’s classy glam rock/metal band, Reckless Love. It’s obviously designed to maintain momentum for the band, whose profile is beginning to dip 2 years on from 2011’s ‘Animal Attraction’.

‘Born To Break Your Heart’ was one of the prime cuts from that album. Its tongue in cheek vanity and insouciant cool, backed up by a smooth melody and a sharp hook, is clearly enough to hang an 8 track mini album/EP on. It’s accompanied by live versions of 3 of the better tracks from their two album releases, plus an outtake from the last album’s recording sessions, and 3 “unplugged” cuts.

The band have plenty of admitted influences, none of which is a surprise, but few contemporary rock bands have plundered the past so subtly, sublimating decades of rock’n’roll energy, creating something as new and exciting as have Reckless Love.

Songs like ‘Beautiful Bomb’ and ‘On The Radio’ won’t win no Grammies, but they surf the tide of classic glam rock resurgence with skill and purpose, displaying just enough irony to let us know that they know exactly what they are doing. These live versions, and perhaps more especially the sublime ‘Hot’ are glam rock gems, with one boot teetering gracefully on the stacked heels of the past, and the other firmly planted knee deep in today’s rawer rock aesthetic.

Apart from paying tribute to Thin Lizzy (The Boys Are Back In Town), the acoustic cuts strip down ‘Animal Attraction’ and ‘One More Time’, to reveal 2 marvellous rock songs, neither of them really needing the glam rock glitz in which they had previously been attired.

Despite the juvenile innocence of the lyrics on ‘Push’, the outtake, this is a much darker production than on the rest of the ‘Animal Attraction’ release, and no doubt explains why it was sidelined. It’s an outstandingly good song and seems a little out of place between the live and the acoustic versions of songs we already know. The fact that they have ‘used it up’, rather than leave it for the third album, suggests a more mature approach is planned next time ‘round.

Roll on.

8 out of 10

Reckless Love - Born To Break Your Heart


  1. Born To Break Your Heart (Tim Palmer mix)
  2. Beautiful Bomb (live)
  3. On The Radio (live)
  4. Hot (live)
  5. Push (outtake from “Animal Attraction“)
  6. Animal Attraction (unplugged)
  7. The Boys Are Back In Town (unplugged)
  8. One More Time (unplugged)