Rat Attack – EP


Review by Will Harris


Already hot-tipped by radio DJs across the UK, Exeter-based self-proclaimed “party punk” quartet Rat Attack are looking like they could be on the verge of something big. And why the hell not? The combination of modern hardcore energy, simple-but-solid riffs and mostly clean, catchy vocals is nearly a sure-fire winner, allowing them plenty of radio and TV play on both rock and mainstream channels.

There’s enough here to attract music fans of various persuasions too: they come out swinging like an early Gallows on first single ‘Bad Catholic’, venture into rollicking, stripped-down classic rock on ‘Look Back & Laugh, and present a kind of ballsy, headbanging indie rock à la Pulled Apart By Horses on ‘Facehooked’. The standout track, the urgent and energetic ‘Heartbeat’, has a driving, catchy chorus that has all the makings of a modern punk classic, and only lets Rat Attack down (ironically) due to a guest appearance from We Are The Ocean’s Liam Cromby, who steals the show with a screaming, impassioned vocal performance.

Still, the young four-piece show plenty of talent on their debut, with a distinct flair for writing simple, straight-up rock songs that, though perhaps a little too simple for some, rightly serve their intended purpose as party punk. The new Gallows they ain’t, but ones to watch, without a doubt.

Rat Attack EP7 out of 10

Rat Attack’s debut EP is available for you to pay what you want for the digital download on their Bandcamp page

Track listing:

  1. A Bird In Hand
  2. Facehooked
  3. Look Back & Laugh
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Bad Catholic




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