Pyrithion – The Burden of Sorrow EP


Review by Brady Deeprose

Metal Blade Records

“Hey, have you heard about the side project from Tim Lambesis?” said a guy. “I bet it’s just another generic metalcore band like As I Lay Dying.” said a second guy. If this conversation were real, and not just some quite probable scenario in my head, then ‘guy 2’ couldn’t be more wrong.

The Burden of Sorrow is an all-out death metal assault. The three tracks, written and recorded over a long weekend, are a departure from the ‘safer’, more traditional metal of Lambesis’ regular outfit, As I Lay Dying. What’s unexpected is that Tim‘s vocal delivery is so far from anything he’s released before, a real mix of deep death growls and rasping screams that accompany some instrumentally accomplished tracks.

The style is, as I’ve mentioned, death metal: think a toned down Aborted or a heavier, less melodic Arch Enemy. Guitarists Ryan Glison and Andy Godwin, while bringing nothing ground-breaking, do display a tight ‘all guns blazing’ approach to their riffing, that when added to drums makes for a powerful sound. Lead single ‘The Invention of Hatred’ is probably the best track with the other two lacking quite as much power but still both admirable tracks.

This debut EP paves the way for what is looking to be a bright future for the side-project, with plans for a full album and some Facebook hints of a touring line-up.

Pyrithion - The Burden of Sorrow7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. The Invention of Hatred
  2. Bleed Out
  3. Rest In The Arms of Paralysed Beast