Purify The Horror – Untitled EP


Review by Sophie Maugham

Dissected Records

Ever wondered what the four horsemen of the apocalypse’s choice of soundtrack would be if they rode into town to drag us to the fiery depths of hell? Well, dwell unto this no more. Spat forth from the deepest darkest bowels of Birmingham come four wretched souls with a passion for two things – anonymity and aural savagery. Ladies and gents – this is Purify The Horror.

The enigmatic quartet have elected to keep their true identities secret and instead have chosen to go under the charming monikers of Sergeant Squeal, Bear Pig, Lord Pig and Fatbelly Pig. Yes, I had a chuckle too. A quick visit to their Facebook page reveals that these guys are in fact “…three individuals prominent within the underground music scene” and this peaks my curiosity even further. Has Barney Greenway embarked on a side-project? Was Surgical Steel not enough of a creative endeavour for Carcass this year?

They do say curiosity killed the proverbial cat so the only thing left to do now is let the music do the talking. And as the tortured, guttural shrieks of opener ‘The Deepening Revolt’ rattle my skull I am mesmerized and perturbed in equal measures. Prepare to be catapulted into a 17 minute world of sensory depravity – for this is Grindcore at its grimey best. The relentless, pummelling drums will have your feet slamming into the floor- the pounding rhythm coursing through your veins like an infectious virus. The lyrical content verges wildly between the indecipherable and the disgustingly obscene. Vocal duties are shared by the nefarious Sergeant Squeal and Fatbelly Pig, and I am amazed by the ease in which the former reverberates between chord ripping screams and sonorous growls. There are sporadic elements of comedy with the prank phone call at the beginning of the hilarious ‘PIG’ (be sure to check the video out below) but the laughs are equally juxtaposed by the filthy blast beats on tracks such as ‘Give Me Your Money’, ‘Wearing The Crown’ and the glorious punk sensibilities of ‘Restitution’.

The production on the EP is simple yet solid and is a testament to the talent on display here. The guys clearly draw sonic influences from the titans of the genre (Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Brutal Truth) but manage to create their own distinctive blend of raw grind depravity in the process.  Ooh you clever swines.

Purify The Horror – Untitled EP8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Deepening Revolt
  2. PIG
  3. Future and Fantasy
  4. Kill Them All
  5. Give Me Your Money
  6. Wearing The Crown
  7. Christmas Party Mayhem
  8. Restitution
  9. Imperialist
  10. Pig Born
  11. Shree-dela-badum-de-ladum-de
  12. The Resistance