Promethium – Welcome To The Institution (2021 version)


Lancaster Metalheads Promethium had originally intended to issue this updated version of their debut album in 2020 to mark the tenth anniversary of said release until the pandemic scuppered their plans and delayed things until now. So here we have the revamped Welcome to the Institution eleventh anniversary edition which has not only been given a sonic makeover but also adds three bonus songs by way of re-recorded versions of live favourites ‘Visions’, ‘Nothing’ and ‘Murder Inc’ plus ‘Sons Revenge’, the first song ever recorded by the band back in 2007. The original cartoonish cover artwork has also been rejigged and is now far more representative of the bands music; dark and twisted melodic metal built on a foundation of aggressive riffs, captivating grooves and powerful rhythms.

There have been several line-up changes in the Promethium ranks over the years with the constants being guitarists / songwriters Daniel Lovett-Horn and Rossi who were joined on this debut effort by vocalist Gary, drummer Fraser and Wayne on bass. Welcome to the Institution was the sound of a band finding their way as musicians and songwriters and for a band in its infancy it still stands the test of time.  ‘Tribute to the Fallen’ and ‘Cycle of Vengeance’ are both well developed numbers that would hint at the direction Promethium would explore on 2018’s excellent Faces of War, and along with both ‘Visions’ and ‘Nothing’ are rock solid highlights. These new mixes are how the band envisaged the album sounding and with the benefit of a larger budget they now pack even more of a metal gloved punch. Whilst we await new music from Promethium this will do just fine for those both familiar with the original and those keen to check out the band’s formative years.

Welcome to the Institution is available now from

Distant Illusion


Meaning of Trust


Tribute to the Fallen


Cycle of Vengeance


The Curse

Murder Inc

Visions (2020)

Nothing (2020)

Murder Inc (2020)

Sons Revenge (Remaster)