Promethium – Revisions


A significant change of pace for Lancashire metalheads Promethium as Revisions finds them in full on acoustic mode with just the voice of Steve Graham and Daniel Lovett-Horn’s guitars ringing out across the ten songs. The material is mostly drawn from their three studio albums thus far (2010’s Welcome To The Institution, 2013’s Origins and the hugely impressive Faces of War from 2017) along with one new song in ‘Sons Revenge’. Hearing the songs in this stripped back, sparse form gives the listener an insight into how the material took shape before they were worked up by the full band and developed into the full throttle metal onslaught that Promethium have become renowned for.

Some of the songs here really do take on a new life of their own, notably ‘Rain’ which really does stand out as a tender and haunting ballad and makes a strong impression. The aforementioned ‘Sons Revenge’ boasts a catchy chorus and hook and it will be good to hear what this sounds like when the rest of the musicians get involved.

Like many up and coming bands and artists Promethium’s plans for 2020 have been thrown up in the air by circumstances beyond their control. Nevertheless, Revisions makes for a pleasing stop-gap before they are able to unleash their next full band studio opus and get back out on the road to do what they do best.

  • Review by Dean Pedley
  • Released through Load4Records and available now

Track List:-
Tribute To The Fallen
Enemies Fate
Murder Inc.
Crashing Down pt2: Reflections
Sons Revenge