Primitive Man – Scorn


Review by Jason Guest

Throatruiner Records / Mordgrimm

Nihilistic blackened doom. Grim? Yup, and then some. This drags like a corpse through wet cement. Opening with the whopping (almost) twelve minute title track, Primitive Man’s psychotic and deranged riffs tear a hole where there shouldn’t be one and begin the process of destroying the vaguest hint of hope. A miasma of malevolent feedback, corrosive distortion, and slamming instrumentation floods from the speakers for the closing three minutes before the doomed bass riff of ‘Rags’ enters, its frayed edges carved with broken nails and rusty razors. ‘Antietam’s urgent doom and scathing riffs are unremittingly punishing, its arrangement chaotic, and its effect paralysing. With ‘Stretched Thin’ and closer ‘Astral Sleep’, Primitive Man bring more of the down-tuned, down-tempo contempt and violence of the opening tracks and of ‘Antietam’.

While the two ambient tracks – the slurry of disconcerting ambient noise of ‘I Can’t Forget’ and the leaden atmosphere of ‘Black Smoke’ – bring an interesting dimension to the album, the other tracks come to be indistinguishable at times. But hate, despair, and sheer malevolence are of one dimension, and Primitive Man push us closer with every mangled riff and tortured grunt. Listening to Scorn is like slowly being pulled beneath the surface of a swamp, every swollen heart beat rising into your throat and choking you with despair in the full knowledge that no one can hear your cries for help and that there is absolutely nothing waiting for you on the other side of that thin black veil. An album that wallows in filth, abhorrence, animosity and malevolence, Scorn is dark, dissonant, and definitely not for the faint of heart. A truly sickening début.

Primitive Man – Scorn7 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Scorn
  2. Rags
  3. I Can’t Forget
  4. Antietam
  5. Black Smoke
  6. Stretched Thin
  7. Astral Sleep