Pinkish Black – Razed To The Ground


Review by Jason Guest

Pinkish Black are the kind of weird that is actually weird. This is an oddity, a beautifully multifaceted, multi-layered, multimentalist oddity for which there is no point of reference which would suffice as correspondent or comparison. Comprised of drummer Jon Teague and vocalist/synth-fiddler Daron Beck, Pinkish Black are macabre, a dark entity, but with a gentle, weightless penumbra emanating from somewhere behind their fragile silhouette. Listening to this is like playing a game of spot the influence. They are there, or at least seem to be, but as soon as they’re recognised they somehow manage to disappear from view once and for all. But that’s testament to Pinkish Black’s accomplished musicianship. Regardless of what fleeting glimpses we get, it’s their own voice that emerges in every tone, timbre, and texture.

Comparisons with the darker, doomier, and sludgier sides of metal could be made, yes, but this duo’s textures are richer in the sense that, while bands of that ilk explore and exploit density and depth for sheer emotional heft, Pinkish Black’s drone pushes out into the penumbra to absorb colours, hues, and shades before they are consumed by the all-devouring emptiness of the blackened abyss. Solemn and serious, dramatic and ostentatious, there’s an unnerving psychedelia to the album, as of utopia threatening to collapse in the throes of ecstasy. As melancholic and sombre as this is, there’s a strong sense of determination that underpins the tracks, or, rather, an acquiescence to endure whatever it encounters in order to experience obstruction and deterrence at their fullest, at their most defiant. The result – many a bruise and broken bone – is rendered here in seven tracks of delectable wonder. Like I said, this is weird.

Pinkish Black - Razed To The Ground8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. She Left Him Red
  2. Ashtray Eyes
  3. Kites And Vultures
  4. Razed To The Ground
  5. Bad Dreamer
  6. Rise
  7. Loss Of Feeling Loss


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