Pink Cream 69 – Ceremonial

Review by Woody


German based cult melodic hard rockers Pink Cream 69 are back with their first album in six years – Ceremonial. This album sees the debut from their new drummer Chris Schmidt; he joins guitarists Alfred Koffler and Uwe Reitenauer, as well as English duo vocalist David Readman and bass man and producer Dennis Ward.

I haven’t really thought much about these guys much in recent years but I didn’t realise how long it has actually been since their last album In10sity. So I have to admit I bunged on Ceremonial not really fussed about what I was about to hear. What I had planned to be a quick listen whilst attending to other things turned out to be a dedicated listening session as the album grabbed me from the offset. I think this album will capture you on first listen too but there is also loads to appreciate from repeated plays, especially in some of the multi layered songs which seem to have hooks coming out of every orifice. I think anyone who needs to give the album ‘time’ or ‘more concentration’ are probably just not going to get what a great album this is at times!

There are one or two filler tracks, but this doesn’t distract from the songs that really kill, I think had this album been ten tracks long I would have been giving this album full marks!

I’ve always thought of PC69 as a melodic metal band, but they are really more of a hard edged melodic rock band. What I love about this album is harder bands tend to be musically very dark and brooding and Ceremonial isn’t like that at all, it’s VERY bright and filled to the brim with lush melodies. It’s nice to have something with a bit of bite that isn’t dark or aggressive!

I’ve always enjoyed David Readman’s vocals, he has a very distinctive voice and it’s really likeable. He puts in some wonderful performances here that really stand out as some of his best. I think the real star of the show here though is guitarist Alfred Koffler, who has written some cracking guitar hooks and licks which he has embedded into most tracks. These little bursts of guitar and technical riffs are really unforgettable and draw you into the songs. Yes the big riffs give the songs the energy and their drive, but it’s those little hooks that win me hook, line and sinker every time!

‘Land Of Confusion’ is a mid-tempo track with a crunching guitar riff and an instant metallic flavoured chorus with nice harmonies and hook filled technical guitar work. ‘Wasted Years’ is an upbeat melodic rock track with a guitar riff that will get stuck in your head and it has a really strong chorus. ‘Special’ is Ceremonial’s obvious choice for ‘single’. I love Koffler’s guitar work on the verses. It has an instant and catchy sing along chorus with a delightful vocal performance from Readman. It’s a hard edged melodic rock track that pushes all my buttons.

‘Find Your Soul’ has a trippy eastern vibe to it. This mid-tempo ballad has some funky tinges to its guitar playing and at times Readman puts me in mind of the band’s original singer Andi Deris on this one, therefore reminds of early Pink Cream 69 material. Ballad ‘The Tide’ has a killer melodic rock chorus and it’s another shining moment for Readman. Some of the guitar work really gets under your skin!

Coming to a stage near you soon is ‘I Came To Rock’, it’s a head bang inspiring track that’ll get you dancing and it has a huge chorus with a lush melody. Koffler’s driving guitar riff builds right up to a satisfying choral climax! ‘King For A Day’ is very bright and full of uplifting melodies and great harmonies. It’s one of the softer edged tracks that is more overtly melodic rock.

A damn fine return for Pink Cream 69 and this album easily sits as one of their best. Ceremonial is full of addictive guitar riffs combined with powerful choruses. This really has to be on all melodic rock fans must buy lists. Established fans of the band will think this is the second coming, give this one a spin trust me you won’t regret it!

8 out of 10

Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial

Track Listing:

  1. Land Of Confusion
  2. Wasted Years
  3. Special
  4. Find Your Soul
  5. The Tide
  6. Big Machine
  7. Let The Thunder Roll
  8. Right From Wrong
  9. Passage Of Time
  10. I Came To Rock
  11. King For One Day
  12. Superman