Pigs – Gaffe EP


Review by Paul Broome

Solar Flare Records

New York City-based noise rock super-group PIGS trotted onto the scene last year and captivated (and pummelled) us all with their debut album You Ruin Everything (reviewed here). They’re back none-too-soon with a brief EP, three tracks spread over two 10” sides of vivid blood red vinyl (if you get your order in fast enough, otherwise it’s basic black for you sonny).

‘Gaffe’ sticks the boot in with an addictive driving, driven, cyclical bass line which is decorated liberally with slavers of glistening discordant guitar – the two coalescing with the drums into a singular heavy force for the chorus and mid-section. The vocals perfectly balanced between unhinged and urgent. This is very much a continuation of the superb debut album.

‘ELO Kiddies’ meanwhile is a totally different beast, largely because it’s a Cheap Trick cover – but in the hands of PIGS, despite being surprisingly faithful to the original, it becomes creepy, funny, and unnerving – it’s a track that almost seems like it’s being sung by the seedy clown on the album cover. If this guy offers you sweets or access to his puppies, then run away. Fast. The other way.

‘If I’m In Luck’ slows the pace down, but ramps up the intensity. It grooves – but not in a tender way. It scores 20 foot deep scars across the ground. Like the claws of an angry lizard titan. For seven minutes. Power trios really don’t come any heavier.

Just like the album, this is an essential purchase for all lovers of noise rock.

Pigs - Gaffe8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Gaffe
  2. ELO Kiddies
  3. If I’m In Luck