Periphery – Clear EP


Review by Brady Deeprose

Century Media

Modern tech-metal’s prog-igal sons Periphery return with their most experimental project yet. The Clear EP, an experiment designed to explore each member’s song-writing ability, is here and it’s certainly not what you expect to hear when ‘EP’ is being thrown around.

If you’re familiar with the timeline of Periphery, you’ll be aware that their penchant for the progressive has only increased album to album, with Periphery II: This Time Its Personal displaying their most prominent use of ambience and piano but while still being firmly within the ‘djent’ bracket of modern metal. From the waltz/ballad/unexpected beauty that is ‘Overture’ to the brute force of ‘Extraneous’, Clear is, ahem, a clear step away from the more generic side of technical metal. Yes, you have your Meshuggah grooves and some poppy clean vocal lines but it’s all part of the package. This is one of the few EPs I’ve heard that will please the bands current ‘hardcore’ fan-base while potentially expanding it too.

Approaching Clear as a project, the band wanted to write one song each to showcase the compositional talents the band posess. They then tied all of the ideas together with the intro track ‘Overture’, a literal overture in the classical sense of the word.

The contribution of Misha Mansoor, the bands lead guitarist and djent-hero, is evident in tech-heavy instrumental ‘Zero’, a sprawling mass of fast paced intricate guitar work which highlights the contrast to the next track. ‘The Parade Of Ashes’ sounds like nothing the band have put out before. An almost nu-metal feel, synth heavy and melodically-driven, it displays an evident departure from the bands usual style but complements the rest of the tracks really well: a testament to their dedication to pushing boundaries.

As a fan of the band, this EP is everything I’d hoped it would be and, with the promise of an album to follow it up soon, it seems like an exciting time to be a tech-metal fan.

Periphery - Clear9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Overture
  2. The Summer Jam
  3. Feed The Ground
  4. Zero
  5. The Parade Of Ashes
  6. Extraneous
  7. Pale Aura