Texas Hippie Coalition – Peacemaker


Review by Dan Perks

THC has long flown just under the radar of most UK rock/metal fans. If you’re not familiar with THC then this album is a fairly good introduction. If, on the other hand, you are already a fan then you will know what to expect from Peacemaker.

Quickly into album opener ‘Hands up’ it’s clear to see where THC take inspiration. There is a distinct Pantera-esq southern style to THC, although a little more classic rock than heavy metal. Think a blend of Pantera and Lynyrd Skynyrd and you’re somewhere near. The tone sets quite quickly for this album. Its riff after riff layered over stomping rhythms. The icing on the top of the cake is the outlaw tinged lyrics and powerful vocals. Bid Daddy Rich has a fantastic rock vocal style, its whiskey tinged and smoke laden. The lyrics cross from an outlaws stick up into crowd rallying choruses. You’re not sure if your hands are in the air because you’re being robbed, or because you’re caught up in the sense of being bad ass. The feeling of an outlaw lifestyle is portrayed all through Peacemaker. The title track tells a tale from the viewpoint of an outlaw’s gun. The track has some well thought out lyrics such as “I just whooped the devil’s ass / And you ain’t seen nothing if Jesus asks  / It wasn’t nothing for him to see / This is all between God and me.” This is pretty typical of the well written lyric you’d find in all THC music.

There’s no denying Peacemaker will make your head bounce and bring out the outlaw spirit in you. It is however a little predictable. In comparison to earlier albums Peacemaker is nothing new. The riffs, the vibes, the rhythms all feel a little southern-by-numbers. There is no real sense that THC are pushing the envelope. If you’re a first time listener to THC this is a great start point, for long time fans I don’t think it’s the best album THC could have made.

6 out of 10




1. Hands Up  THC-Peacemaker-Cover
2. Damn You to Hell
3. 8 Seconds
4. Outlaw
5. Turn It Up
6. Wicked
7. Don’t Come Lookin’
8. Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll
9. Paw Paw Hill
10. Peacemaker
11. Think of Me