Paraletica – Inferno


Review by Chop

Fans of the underground or Bloodstock completists may have seen Paraletica slugging it out with the Midlands’ up and comers at The Roadhouse in the semi-finals of the Metal To The Masses competition. For those that don’t know about their live abilities this six-tracker will give you a clue or two…

Unusually I’m going to do a track by track analysis, but only to stress my main concern about this release. ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’ (apparently a device to demonstrate the Earth’s rotation – you learn something every day eh?) is an old school thrasher that’s musically and vocally redolent of Megadeth. Main riff is a belter and the track overall is both aggressive and groove-laden. Promising start then. ‘Inferno’ opens with another quality riff, thrashes along furiously with manic soloing and great chug in the chorus. Vocals this time bring Testament to mind. Ok, there’s a theme developing here…

At the mid-point of the CD we have ‘The Crimson Tor’ which seems to drag on forever. Guitar tone is very early Maiden, whilst the vocals sound somewhat strained at times, at others like Lemmy in his prime. This song could really do with a rework. ‘The Death Of Norsemen’ didn’t lift my spirits much either, again mainly down to the vocals, or more specifically the over-intricacy of the lyrics and delivery style. Despite the weak chorus the guitar solo just about salvages this one.

Which leaves the final duo of ‘The Martyr’s Regret’ and ‘When Worlds Collide’. The former opens with King Diamond-style keyboards and is essentially a fast thrasher; vocals sound like Helstar this time, with the track itself being solid enough apart from the bridge section that doesn’t quite work, or indeed flow. The closer is – oddly enough – a fast thrasher and is adequate, although perhaps not the strongest song on the CD to round things off.

Conclusions then. I’m really not having a go at the vocalist! On stage he has good presence and his vocals have their own identity and fit well with the music. Unfortunately this sounds, at times, like a thrash sampler, and his true identity or tone doesn’t come through. Musically it’s perfectly adequate, although as a thrash aficionado I’m a particularly hard man to please! Moving forward a bit more finesse and subtlety with tempo changes wouldn’t go amiss. Last but not least, the production could do with a tweak as this sounds slightly sludgy, with the bass tones especially losing out.

Having read this my score may surprise you. Paraletica undoubtedly have promise and with a bit of fine-tuning their studio output may come closer to their live displays.

Paraletica – Inferno7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Foucault’s Pendulum
  2. Inferno
  3. The Crimson Tor
  4. The Death Of The Norsemen
  5. The Martyr’s Regret
  6. When Worlds Collide



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