Onslaught – VI


Review by Chop

AFM Records

Music’s an emotive old beast. Or it should be anyway. Opinions galore, stories by the dozen, that’s what keeps it all so fresh and passionate. And then you enter the world of the bizarre with an album recital like this and it just makes you grin. Even more so when you’ve played the album a few more  times since…

So, I’m minding my own business at Beermageddon festival a few weeks back. Personable soul that I am, it would have been rude not to have had a chat with Sy Keeler, who I’ve known since guiding him to an Opeth gig in Birmingham a few years ago. When asked if I’d like to hear this album it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that I was somewhat keen. Hearing it on Sy’s car stereo on the Sunday, with my old MR buddy Tony Gaskin – both of us grinning like schoolboys – was just sublime. Having now had the chance to play it via both speakers and headphones here’s the verdict…

If you’re a thrash fan – old or new school – then you need to rush out and buy this as soon as you can. Frankly, if you hear a better album than this in 2013 I’d be surprised – in any genre. Massive production, compact yet textured songs, with no fillers or let ups. It’s just a great, great album. As reviewers we have a tendency to become cynical bastards, then you play this and realise just how exhilarating metal should be. It’s just an absolute belter.

Highlights? Take your pick. All of the songs are of the highest quality. Perhaps ‘Children Of The Sand’ would just about edge it, but there are compelling arguments for any of the other eight tracks. Ok, seven as there’s a short intro. Plonk your headphones on, crank it up, wear your Spandex or hi-tops if you want, and just revel in the forty minutes or so of thrash goodness on offer. Tour dates have been announced for next month – if they can recreate this magic live then you could well witness gig of the year too. Staggeringly good. Buy it. As soon as you possibly can. See you in the pit!

Onslaught IV 20139 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. A New World Order
  2. Chaos Is King
  3. Fuel For My Fire
  4. Children Of The Sand
  5. Slaughterize
  6. 66 Fuckin’ 6
  7. Cruci-Fiction
  8. Dead Man Walking
  9. Enemy Of My Enemy




  1. Yup, pretty much what I said in my review….an excellent album by an excellent British band, it gave me right old stonk on!

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