Omen – Hammer Damage


Power metal? Really?

Hammered out by Pure Steel Records on 27 May 2016 with much damage done to Jason “If I’d have seen that coming…” Guest

At it since the early 80s, LA’s Omen haven’t changed much. Even the production is the same. A thin guitar sound that divests Powell’s riffs of any real power, a processed drum sound that dehumanises Wittig’s efforts to the point where it may as well be a drum machine, an almost non-existent bass guitar that only appears when the guitar is doing nothing, and the dry vocals right up the front, dominating over everything save for the solos when Powell is given a moment in the spotlight. The result is a thin-sounding album that does little in the way of favours for a bunch of uninspiring and unexciting songs.

They’re not bad musicians, far from it. Powell knows his way around the neck and there’s the odd inspired riff here and there as well as some tasty lead work, Wittig’s drum work, though largely predictable, is tight and apt for each track, Haas’s bass lines – when they can be heard – are pretty good, particularly when he matches the guitar, and Goocher may not be a great vocalist but his delivery is emotional and his performance passionate. As for the songs, none stand out, not even one. Omen are a power metal band apparently, but this? Far from powerful.

Omen – Hammer Damage4 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Hammer Damage
  2. Chaco Canyon (Sun Dagger)
  3. Cry Havoc
  4. Eulogy For A Warrior
  5. Knights
  6. Hellas
  7. Caligula
  8. Era Of Crisis
  9. F.U.