October Sky – The Aphotic Season


Review by Tosh Davies

Up to a few years ago, Canada was an untapped source of talent waiting to emerge from beneath the Caribou-stripped earth. Then Nickelback bounded onto the scene with their radio friendly, erection section, cigarette lighter hits with many imitators following.  Thankfully Montreal’s October Sky is far removed from the candy-coated turd factory of hits that Nickelback constantly receive deliveries from. Ebbing between the alternative stylings of Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars, October Sky offer a refreshing dose of atmospheric, ambient songs, the likes of which carry you away in a sea of melodies and hooks with the odd dark, semi- progressive element to get your head nodding in appreciation. As the keyboards swathe you in a world of electronic ambience and the wall of guitars builds the creative foundations, this truly immerses the senses and getting the balance between all the instruments just perfect, October Sky are sure to welcome a broad scope of fans from every musical genre. First single and first track ‘Dark Vision’ is a multi-layered crescendo of atmosphere-building pleasure with a killer chorus. ‘Green & Beautiful’ has hit single stamped all over it and a true crime would be committed if it was ignored. Drawing you into the melodies while the hooks are cast from all directions, The Aphotic Season is a lesson in unconstrained creativity and enthusiasm. Wonderful stuff. In signing October Sky, Rocksector Records have hit a home run. A band to keep an eye on.

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Dark Vision
  2. Prisoner Of Nothing
  3. Angel One
  4. Air
  5. Green And Beautiful
  6. Fall Back Down
  7. Distance