Obsessive Compulsive – Seculo Seculorum


Review by Robert Baker

Vociferous Records

Having already served up a band capable of defining a musical genre for an entire generation of fans with the band Oasis, Manchester seems set to reveal a second entry into its own noble birthing of defining acts in the guise of self-styled makers of ‘…music; made with guitars, drums, bass and vocals’,  Obsessive Compulsive. Seculo Seculorum is the bands second full album release, this time around with James Loughrey – he of Skindred, Bjork, and Page & Plant fame – on recording duties and affording the group a much wider, leaner, rockier and ravaging sound than debut release – Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams – as the group exploit their collective influences to create an album of pure energy adrenalin shots.

Opening with ‘Sick Sick Sick’ the album echoes the lamentations of one Miss Dolly Parton’s own rendition to the routine of the working world in the song ‘9 to 5’,  albeit with the more defined vocals of Kelii battling through the intense back-drop of thundering drums and raging guitars. ‘Regurgitate’ follows up swiftly with an almost dour dose of reality in manageable pieces across the verses, whilst ‘Stamp Your Own Path’ feels more up-beat and jazzy – all three opening tracks follow an unusual rhythm that keeps you focused on the music and paying attention for when it all goes into overdrive and the chorus kick-in. ‘Jardim Gramacho’ shows the band also know how to bring things down to the depths of the heart’s fragility, an impassioned piece of emotionally heavy music mixed with the cries of  ‘You got no soul’ as close to hearing a heart-break turned into music as possible.

‘Nail In My Coffin’ and ‘Things Clean and Unclean’ show the bands more grunge-influenced side moshing its hair to the strains of distorted power chords and deceptively uncomplicated sounding riffs. ‘Fight or Flight’ and ‘No Logo’ very much the heavier of the albums tracks with the latter an almost nihilistic expulsion of aggression and extreme vocals more suited to a death- or thrash-metal album. Album closer ‘Swallow The Sound’ winds everything back in and drives the bands energies into a dark, emotionally draining track, and feels like being witness to a slow-motion of an atomic bomb exploding, the clouds of dust slowly moving across your vision as you turn freely to watch this apparently harmless cloud swallowing everything it rolls across to leave nothing but barren and ravaged ground beneath. Remarkably hypnotic, it is perhaps one best left for when you haven’t received some bad news and possibly aren’t near any sharp objects or opened bottles of medication.

As an album, Seculo Seculorum weighs heavy with the full range of human emotion, OC easily manipulating you throughout its eleven tracks of grunge-tinged rock and melodic rolling metal; if Jack Off Jill had been able to live even half-way up to its own hype, or possibly Hole had a different backing group and front-person, then maybe there’d be other bands out there as original and exciting as OC is quickly and succinctly proving themselves to be.

Obsessive Compulsive – Seculo Seculorum 8 out of 10

Track Listing

  1. Sick Sick Sick
  2. Regurgitate
  3. Stamp Your Own Path
  4. Jardin Gramacho
  5. Nail In My Coffin
  6. Float
  7. Soul Sucker
  8. Things Clean And Unclean
  9. Fight Or Flight
  10. No Logo
  11. Swallow The Sound



  1. This band turned in a brilliant performance at the NLC/RACPA gig in May at the Maze. Really looking forward to having this album in the car stereo !!

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