Nunslaughter – Christmassacre (7” Picture Disc)


Review by Jason Guest

Hells Headbangers

With Christmas coming to a close and 2013 just around the corner, there’s one little gifty still to be opened, that of Nunslaughter’s fun and festive 7” picture disc, Christmassacre. Yep, what you see is what you get with this bunch of blasphemous bastards. Nunslaughter’s unyielding battle against that infectious plague known as Christianity rages ever on, the first blow being delivered in the gruesome chords, fierce riffs, tumbling drums and slavering vocals of the awesome ‘Deathlehem’. Christ’s army and Satan’s whores battle it out in ‘Unholy Scriptures’ where the tempos and grooves shift between rapid, caustic cuts and dense, dirge-like passages. ‘Jewrusalem’, with its cut-throat riffs and manic intensity, is all-out barbaric ferocity. And if the ruthless inhumanity of ‘Unclaimed Cadaver’ doesn’t have the cross-toting flock fleeing to the hills, I don’t know what will. The production is suitably grim, the performances tighter than the proverbial and redundant holiest of holes, and the sentiment suitably severe. Raw and merciless as ever, when is Nunslaughter’s Devil Metal never a good idea? You blessed blasphemers can buy this gruesome picture disc here. Go on, treat yourself.

7 out of 10

  • Well, who’d have thunk it. Nunslaughter can be found on Faecesbook here

Track listing:

  1. Deathlehem
  2. Unholy Scriptures
  3. Jewrusalem
  4. Unclaimed Cadaver


Nunslaughter - Christmassacre


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