Nightbitch – Chainmaker EP


Review by Jason Guest

Ear One Productions

Never ‘eard of ‘em? Not surprised. With their first EP, Sex and Magic, being released in 2010, it would be another three years before the world at large (for the world is large) would hear more from this trio, their second release being the 2013 single Peculiar Worship. So if you’re wondering what they sound like, those two titles should give you some inclination of what to expect from this Connecticut trio.

The title track of this EP, with its Danzig flavourings (for they have evidently drank deep on his outpourings) is all distorted doom bass riffs, overdriven guitars, and hard rock horror groove. ‘Disrober’ again delves deep into Danzig’s dungeon storehouse for plenty of horror atmospherics and then stitches on a catchy-as-hell chorus. And with their cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Into The Fire’, drummer Chris Taylor gives a vocal performance that is on a par with Gillan’s original on Deep Purple In Rock. And with the band beefing it up with a big bottomed sound and production, the track’s already massive balls swell to Spinal Tap-like proportions!

As a precursor to their soon-to-be-released début album, this is a pretty good introduction but way too short. Just when you’re getting into it, it stops. And at three tracks in just eleven minutes, is it really an EP? So while we await more horrible hymns on “wicked women, unholy passions and fire nights”, this will have to do I s’pose. But if this is anything to go by and they keep it up, that album’s going to be great! One more original track and this would have been a 7 or an 8, but as it stands…

Nightbitch - Chainmaker EP6 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Chainmaker
  2. Disrober
  3. Into the fire (Deep Purple Cover)



  1. Best band name I’ve heard this week! And what an awesome cover….So wrong, something to get the PC people excited about!

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